Taking a Bloggy Break

I'm signing off off here for a couple weeks-ish! I need to work on a few schedule-y things, and am working on paring down the computer time (read: playtime) a bit. :-) And, we have a busy week and a half ahead bracketed each weekend with big church events that we are involved in coordinating. You can always reach me by email ... I check that several times a day since I'm still doing a few things for my church job even while on my "maternity leave."

Aiming to be back next Tuesday with a birthday post for my husband that day. See you then!


  1. I'll miss "seeing" you on your blog- but hey, at least I should get to see you in person on Saturday! Woo hoo!

  2. I have enjoyed finding your blog! I'll definitely be back! Have a nice break!

  3. I'll miss you, but I know you need time for other things. Have a great break and especially enjoy your beautiful girls.
    big hugs xx

  4. Happy birthday to Travis for tomorrow :-)
    I hope you've all been having some quality family time and enjoying everything that's been happening in the last week.


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