Last Week

  • Uber crazy around here.
  • Hence the reason for the blog break.
  • We had our church's annual picnic on the 2nd.
  • Very fun, but EXHAUSTING by the time we got food (we take out all the food that the church provides and drinks for everyone), got out there, set up, hung out, loaded up three completely tired girls, came back home, unloaded, and CRASHED.
  • Then E had her one-month checkup on Monday ... 10' 13'' and 22 inches now. Everything looks good!
  • Tuesday, we had a dinner guest from Travis' office.
  • Wednesday, we had another round of dinner guests - a couple from church came over so Travis and the husband could do a little music recording and the wife and I got to visit and attend to the girls.
  • Thursday, Travis helped a friend move.
  • Friday, the girls and I ran a massive list of errands and then the big girls went to Grandma's to spend the night. Travis and I loaded up E, went out for Mexican food, and then saw Pirates 3.
  • Saturday was our church's long-range planning meeting and since we're both on staff, we needed to be there. Thankfully it only lasts about 2/3 of the day so we still had some time at home after the meeting to rest before the girls came back from Grandma's. I was able to sneak in a very, very short nap. :-)
  • Sunday, we celebrated Travis' birthday with my family.
  • And, Sunday night, I went to a baby shower for a friend who is expecting her 2nd baby (but first girl).
  • And Monday, we never left the house. :-)

All good things, just very busy, and little bit harder to juggle with three girls. Thankfully, we don't have weeks like that often. I mean, I like to be busy, but I really like little girls that get good naps and are rested and pleasant more. :-)

This week has been fairly quiet and I've been able to get some work down around the house which has been nice. I had my 5 week post delivery visit yesterday and everything looks good as far as c-section recovery. I want to start getting my housekeeping routine back on track instead of where it's at right now ... just hitting was HAS to be done to survive. :-) I spent last week thinking of our schedule and how things need to change with the three girls so I can get things done at home. One thing I'm going to do is get back to my Motivated Moms cleaning schedule - this so works for me ... when I do it.

I'm also going to continue to work on getting myself out of bed at 6 a.m. for some quiet time before the girls wake up. Sometimes the baby is up with me, sometimes not, but I need to be diligent about getting up regardless so I can do some Bible reading. Our women's group at church is going to be doing a 4-week study on Philippians in July and, regardless of whether or not I make it to all 4 weeks, I want to read Philippians several times and soak it in.

And, I'm working on ORGANIZING THIS HOUSE. I've been in the purging mode and therefore I need to act on it. Our little house is tiny, and I can already see that I'm going to have to keep things in check even just with adding a third tiny person to our crew. :-)

Off to fold some laundry and get things going around here. Happy Thursday!


  1. I'm going to gave to check out that cleaning schedule!

    We enjoyed seeing you and your family at the picnic!

  2. That baby is SMILING! I am so jealous. Simon rarely cracks a smile.

  3. Anonymous7:23 PM

    baby E is so beautiful
    sounds like a busy week
    happy birthday to your hubby


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