Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I wish I could get a good picture of the snow coming down this morning. So beautiful. I know I have mentioned how much I love winter before, but I do. Yes, I occasionally get very stir-crazy when we can't (or don't want to) get out but generally, I can be very happy to be homebound in this snow.

2. Also very glad for the huge pot of vegetable soup that I made yesterday and is waiting in fridge and freezer. I had set out some hamburger to thaw for spaghetti last night, but when the time came to cook it, it just didn't sound good. So, it went into a pot for soup and the girls and I made eggs and pancakes instead.

3. We finally celebrated N2's birthday this weekend with friends and family after the great snow storm the weekend before.

4. We've had some sort of stomach bug rolling through our family. Travis had it last weekend and he thought it was something he ate. Twenty-four hours later, N2 had it. Then a couple days later, BBoo. You see the pattern? This weekend was my turn. We're all hoping that N1 is spared. I've been doing lots of laundry.

5. We've also managed to pass on our germs to cousin Bubby. I don't know how. It's not like he gets close the the girls or anything.

2.7.2010 (extra)

6. This weekend, we also managed to get to our gingerbread house. No matter that it was almost 2 months overdue. The girls and T still had loads of fun putting to together, and then breaking it apart. I just tried not to wince when the girls bit in to some of the rock-hard candy.


7. I finally broke down and ordered N2 some "school" for her to do. I was going to wait until this fall to really try any kind of pre-K stuff with her, but she kept asking and asking. She's been doing a few pages in her Explode the Code: Get Ready for the Code book and thinks she is pretty big stuff. : )


8. I have been in a massive reading rut. Nothing has sounded good at all to read which is most unusual. I have been spending more time working on some scrapbook type projects and reading (looking at the pictures) in some of my favorite scrapbooking books for some inspiration. I feel sure my reading groove will come back ... it's just unusual to not have a book with me at all times!

9. Did you all watch the Superbowl this weekend? We had my family over to hang out and watch it together. I had a definite shift this year. I used to love the Superbowl, Superbowl parties, watching the commercials, but this year I just couldn't get into it. I thought a lot of the ads were very demeaning to men (and it sure seems like there were lots where the guys were walking around with out pants on.) Our guests left at half-time, and the girls and I abandoned the Superbowl in favor of an episode of the Brady Bunch.

10. And with that, we have reached #10 and the snow from the first pictures of the post has already melted outside my window. So sad! The rest of the week looks to just be COLD but hopefully some sunshine will peek through ... and the Olympics start this weekend! (What is your favorite event to watch? N1 really wants to watch the skiing ... at least that is her pick today, I believe). : )


  1. I still have a gingerbread house that's just waiting for the next snow day to break out. Mama's gotta' have something in the hip pocket for days like that!

  2. skating is always my favorite to watch...we were bummed, too, that the snow melted so soon! ah, life in TN. I must say, though, that after 17 years here. This year is the first year I've ever really missed the snow & wished we had more here. It just has been so fun for them to play in (now that they are older & can get themselves into their winter apparel I think makes a big difference as well as always being well-stocked in hot cocoa but not groceries. I am always out when snow storms hit! anyhoo...happy day to you, friend.

  3. I'm watching snow fall right now. We're supposed to have up to a foot by tonight. :) We put our gingerbread house together in January. What a mess! I think I put too much water in the icing. But my kids enjoyed eating the thing.

  4. I LOVE the explode the Code books. All 3 of my girls have used/or are using them! What a great idea doing the Gingerbread house, why I feel the need to only do things when they say your supposed to is beyond me.....Way to have Fun!

  5. YES to the super bowl ads that were degrading to men. J and I both noticed that. My kids are working their way through (yet) another season of Brady Bunch. LOVE it.

    Loved your list. Loved that you're experiencing snow and cold since you love winter. Sad the stomach bug has plagued you all. Hope you're over the worst of it for a long, long time.

  6. Anonymous5:31 PM

    We still haven't made our gingerbread house. In fact, I'd forgotten about it until you mentioned it.

    That picture of all the kids on the couch made me smile. Glad she was able to finally have her party!


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