Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday...ish

1. Yesterday the new Family Fun magazine arrived in the mail ... some really cute Spring ideas in there this month. The new issue of Everyday Food also arrived and it is FULL of spring recipe ideas ... my mouth was watering as I read it. The first recipe that I came to was a roast pork with squash and onions that sounded so delicious ... it's probably going on my grocery list for March.

2. Speaking of Everyday Food, they have a new book out and it's going in my Amazon cart until the time comes and I can get it. : ) I received their first book, Great Food Fast, several years ago and love using it. My favorite thing about the first book is that the recipes are organized seasonally and it helps me get seasonal produce in our rotation. (Note to self: get that book off the shelf and look at it again.)

3. Other items in my Amazon cart at the moment: Brady Bunch Season 4, Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson, and Betsy and the Great World/Betsy's Wedding.

4. Back to cooking talk ... I still have not made a recipe from the Julia Child cookbook my husband got me for my birthday. Safe to say, I am very intimidated by them!

5. Even though the weather has dropped back down into the 30's and 40's for the rest of this week, and the calendar is still on February, it's obvious that spring activites are starting or gearing up to start when you look at my calendar. N1 had her first soccer practice on Friday night and it was chilly as we stood out there and watched her practice.


6. N1 and I have been reading fiends lately ... last week we finished up our Betsy-Tacy read, and this week we have wrapped up Peter Pan, and are flying through Beezus and Ramona. It has been years since I've read any stories about that rascally Ramona. The girls love them, but now that I'm a mama, I am realized that Ramona is a little pill. A funny one, but still a pill. : )

7. I made this corn chowder for lunch today, with numerous modifications because I didn't have fresh sweet corn on the cob. (Who does in February?) But still. Delicious. I some how managed to over-buy milk the last few weeks so I made a double batch of the soup to use some up and made a quadruple batch of waffles this morning to finish up the rest.

8. Tonight is Wednesday. That means big girls go to Awana and I go run errands with BBoo. (Tonight: the library). Then we come home to put tired girls to bed and T and I curl up and watch last night's Lost. Wednesday nights are good nights.

9. This Saturday, my husband is being super gracious and letting me spend the day at a homeschool seminar. I'm stuck on a few decisions for next year, and am looking forward to spending the day hopefully getting some inspiration and illumination. : ) Well, that and getting some ideas of good books to add to my ever growing Amazon list.

10. And with that, it's time to start getting us ready to head out the door for the evening. (Our standard pre-Awana dinner is cheese quesadillas for easy, easy prep). : )
Hope everyone has a good evening! : )


  1. I love Family Fun! Did you see the CUTE tie-dye cupcakes at the very back? We are SO making those!

    Love EverydayFood. And my girls love Betsy-Tacy. We finished Season 4 of the Brady Bunch after school yesterday. I think that season is one of my favorites. We don't own any boxed sets, but I think that's going to be a gift for my March birthday girl!

    Corn chowder sounds good...I need to check out that recipe.

    Enjoy your evening, especially LOST. We're hopelessly behind. Sigh.

  2. "This Saturday, my husband is being super gracious and letting me spend the day at a homeschool seminar."

    Is T the one who usually likes to go to these things?

  3. Oooh, thanks for the book suggestions! ;-) (I'd already forgotten about Bringing Up Girls!) I just found my Amazon Associates earnings giftcard in my spam folder from DECEMBER. Yep. I'm a technological genius. :-)

  4. Everyday Food is really excellent. And try the onion soup recipe from Julia's cookbook. It's simple and DELICIOUS, and I've made it twice.

    (I used half beef stock and half chicken instead of half beef and half water as the recipe calls. I think it tastes better which sounds scandalously sacrilegious when speaking of Julia, but there, I said it.)


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