Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have been reading through the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace, both by myself and with the girls. Last night I finished Heaven to Betsy, and N1 and I wrapped up Betsy, Tacy & Tib Go Over the Big Hill yesterday. Where have these books been all my life? They are delightful!! Seriously. If you have girls and they have NOT read the Betsy-Tacy books, then you need to get to a library or a bookstore and find them a copy.

2. We are enjoying more snow (which could probably be said by so many people right now). : ) We are also enjoying a terrific head cold which has been passed around. We had a slow day yesterday - N1 and I managed to get about a 1/2 day of school done in spite of how puny she felt and when she was resting, I got several things done around the house (those things that I never seem to like purging stuffed animals for Goodwill and cleaning out the bathroom closet).

3. With this snow, we also enjoyed a huge pot of homemade potato soup last night. It's my Mom's recipe and I have finally figured out the knack of making it consistently. We also made and ate cherry cobbler in honor of President's Day. This post at the Bonny Glen is worth reading not just for the cobbler recipe. It's also pretty funny. : )

4. Tanya asked me, after viewing this post, if I played any musical instruments. While my husband is the true musician in the family, I took piano lessons from about first grade through my freshman year in college. I also learned how to play the guitar after I got out of college and played for about 6 years or so with my church's music team. I really did enjoy playing guitar ... not sure exactly why I quit. I think something about three babies coming within three years might have had something to do with that. : ) My husband, however, has a degree in jazz and classical guitar and knows his stuff. I'm happy to let him take the musical reins in this house!

5. I'm puttering around with our school plans for this spring. Taking a look at those Five-in-a-Row books that we haven't gotten to yet, and planning out a few weekly themes. It's hard to believe that we have only 60 days of school left for the year! Now, that will take us well into May because of miscillaneous activities and spring break, but still ... 60 days left. Not a whole lot and then my girl will have finished kindergarten. So hard to believe.

6. Olympics, Olympics, Olympics. : )

7. It's been so cold the last few weeks that I've been pulling out all our comfort food recipes to keep us warm. Potato soup, tater tot casserole, etc. (Notice I said comforting, not low fat.) What are your favorite comfort foods for cold weather?

8. I'm thinking through what I want to do with the girls for Easter this year. I don't want to overplan and overwhelm, but I also don't want to underplan and let it slide. I think I'm going to do bits and pieces from this Easter study and we're probably going to do some lapbook elements to The Legend of the Easter Egg. This year, I also really want to make resurrection cookies with the girls. I've missed doing that the last few years because it always snuck up on me, but this year it is a priority.

9. These are in my house. They need to leave fairly soon. : )


10. The next few weekend are super-duper busy around here. I've been doing such a good job protecting our weekends from too many activities and the next two have caught up with me. This weekend has two birthday parties for two different girls on Saturday, a music rehearsal for T, and a girl scout event on Sunday afternoon. Oh, and I have a girls' night out on Friday night. I'm looking forward to all the events, but it's making thankful that the snow has kept us in so far this week. It's helping me build up my stamina for the weekend! : )


  1. Oh, only 60 days left -- good for you, Steph. We have 83! That's what taking a month off in November will do for you. We can barely take any time off to be done before July!Yikes!!

    I want to get Walter Wanegrin's devotional for Lent (which begins tomorrow for the 6 weeks before Easter). Great book! I got the idea from the simple wife's blog.

    Hope to see some of those boxes that need to leave your house come to mine soon.

    Take care. Have a fun super busy weekend. Hope you're well enough for our pathes to cross this week. Love ya.

  2. I've misplaced my Betsy-Tacy books and hope to find them after we move. I LOVE them!

  3. I've got to get to the other Betsy-Tacy books with my girls. They loved the first one--thanks for highlighting here on your blog!


  4. My favorite comfort foods ... meatloaf (now that I have a good recipe!) and mashed potatoes ... thick soups (like my chicken and wild rice) ... stuffed shells or lasagna ... basically anything creamy or with lots of cheese. :)

    Oh, and by the way, I'm super impressed with your family's musical skills!!! I have none. Not even a sense of rhythm. But I love music and my kids love music so I'm trying to get into it more. We'll see how that develops.


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