Monday, August 16, 2010

Bloggy Review ::: Tabernacle Model

Tabernacle Model (Candle Discovery Series)

In my constant nesting and purging state that I'm in, I've found what is hopefully the last book review book that I've missed hiding among my shelves! This copy of Tabernacle Model was sent to me by Kregal Publications in a bundle of Christmas books last winter and is woefully behind a review post. (My apologies to Kregal for forgetting about it!)

This book starts with the history of Jews during the time of Abraham and Moses specifically, up through God's instructions on how the tabernacle should be built. The pages are full of excellent illustrations (Stephanie, the illustrator is from Siloam Springs!) that are full of detail and color - just beautiful! There are also wonderful photographs of replicas of the furnishings that were included inside the tabernacle - the Table of Showbread, the laver where the priests washed, etc. Next is a section on what the tabernacle was for as well as brief descriptions of the different festivals and sacrifices that occured there. Lastly, there is a history of the tabernacle - how Israel carried it all through the wilderness and it's eventual capture by the Philistines.

However, what caught my eye with this book is that there is a cardboard scale model of the tabernacle that you can assemble with your kids! What a fun visual this would be for elementary and middle school students after you have spent time discussing the tabernacle. The book is recommended for ages 4-8, however, I think it would be better suited to a mid-elementary all the way up to a 6th or 7th grade. (I could read it to my 4yo right now, but it would be WAY over her head.)

Again, my apologies to Kregal for the lateness of this review! Two thumbs up on this excellent resource!


  1. Well, it sounds awesome! =D Thanks for sharing about it. This sounds like a resource I would definitely be inclined to pick up when my kids are a bit older. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Sounds wonderful! From Siloam, huh? That makes me smile. :)


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