Saturday, August 07, 2010

Link Love

Also known as recent internet-ish finds for you to enjoy on your Saturday:

  • Tropical Oatmeal Yogurt - tried this out this week. I loved it (with pineapple and coconut) but the girls were not so thrilled. So sad, more for me. : )
  • Mt. Hope Academy (a new homeschool blog find for me) has been putting up information on her art and music studies that she is doing with her three boys. Mozart was posted this week and I'm definitely going to borrow some of her ideas.
  • Scroll down on this post to see the cute handprint wreath that Monika posted on the blog. Looks super cute and I may attempt something like that this year for Christmas ... we'll see.
  • I've already bookmarked this idea about Alphabet Summer for my girls for next year. This will be perfect for the girls next year!
  • As I've had a little time in the afternoons while the girls are resting, I've been going back and looking at Ali Edwards' December Daily posts and ideas. I have done a December Daily album for about 3 (4?) years now and I am pretty sure I want to do one this year, especially since it will be our first Christmas with our new little guy. Trying to go ahead do some thinking on it so I don't wait until the last minute on an album plan, etc. and then it gets too complicated. Simple is key this year, I believe.
And as for my Saturday plans today ... we're on day three of a conference Travis has been attending. (Thankfully he's home in the evenings, but we're missing Daddy on this Saturday). The girls and I are going to work on going through all of Noelle's clothes to see what fits for this fall as well as a little room rearranging. I'm thinking there will probably be a Sonic run as well for a mommy-pick-me-up later!

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  1. Oh, you've got to try the cherry limeades at in Maryville, our Sonic runs a happy hour from 2-4 with half-price drinks {i always go for the Route 44 size!}. Thanks for including me in your links love, I am honored!


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