Friday, August 20, 2010

A Goodie for Mama

Just a little goodie for me for the upcoming arrival. I love these sweet little mommy cards that I got at Sarah + Abraham. Were these a need? No. But I am going to enjoy them. : )

PS. And yes, there is a name under that heart that is discreetly hidden. You only have about 8 weeks to go to find out what it is. : )


  1. I think I need some of these!

    Not even a HINT about the name?!?!? :-)

    Gotta run. . the DLM is crying. . . :-)

  2. You deserve this and the design is so classic, yet fun!

  3. Cute, cute, those are so cute! Can't wait to find out his name, and I know you're more than ready to meet him :)

  4. CUTE!!!!!!! LOVE them!

  5. VERY cute! I think I need some of those. :)


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