Saturday, February 05, 2011

Download N Go Review ::: George Washington

We've spent the last week and a bit learning about George Washington! I feel like we have only scratched the surface of all the interesting facts and the history of this man ... I'm pretty sure we'll be revisiting this study again in a year or two.

As we started this topic, I gave N1 (age 7 1/2) a page from the study and asked her write a couple sentences to get an idea of what she knew of George Washington. I didn't think that she did too bad!

After that, we read several books from the library about George Washington (thanks to the always extensive book list that each DNG study provides. That is such a time-saver for me!) We then worked through several of the topics in the study learning about our first president's childhood, his home at Mount Vernon, and one of the monuments named after him, just to name a few of the things packed into this study.

I was even able to surprise N1 with a picture of her in front of the Washington Monument! We took this trip as a family the summer before N2 was born and it was such a GREAT vacation full of good memories for me. As you can see, N1 was a peanut in these pictures (about 22 months old) and obviously doesn't remember the trip. : ) This is a trip I really want to take again with the kids when they are a little older.

Another thing this study touched on was the character of George Washington. While explaining some of those concepts (and actually, just what your "character" is and why it is so important) was tricky for me on a first grade level, we were able to name some qualities that George Washington exhibited and talk about them. That was a great jumping off point with my first grader about trying your hardest and doing your best in everything that you set out to do.

And, what study of George Washington would be complete without making a cherry pie? : ) We put this together and thoroughly enjoyed remember and honoring honest George Washington with this after dinner treat.

If you are looking for a well-done study on George Washington, I highly recommend this one from Download N Go. I have (once again) been impressed with their thoroughness as they have prepared these studies and am thankful for the opportunity to review them with my girls.


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