Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project Life - Week 6

February 6: A picture of Bibles on Sunday morning. The bottom on is my Bible that T bought me our first Christmas together. It's a key word study Bible - he had one and I loved it so he bought me my own. It is starting to fall apart some so I've been trying to break in the top Bible - and smaller ESV version - but I just like my old Bible best and will keep using it until it falls apart!

February 7: Our 4 month boy and his Daddy before work. Today was also his 4 mo. check-up: 16 lbs. 3 oz., and 25 inches long!

February 8: T's long-time best friend from high school was in town for some work training and was able to come over and have dinner with us on Wednesday. Surprisingly (or not) they ended up in the office playing music for a bit. (They were in bands together through high school).

February 9: The girls picked out this little Mickey Mouse toy for E at Walmart because he needed it. As we are big Mickey fans in this house, I went with it and it looks like E agreed as well. Loves his new sleep buddy from his sissies.

February 10: A little ode to my love for the Mandarin orange.

February 11: Working on Valentine's with the girls to give their friends at church on Sunday. This was B's. Thanks to a download from eighteen25, I made these little cards on the computer. Much, much easier than taking the girls to Target and letting them pick out Valentine's. We punched a hole in the corner of each card and stuck a Tootsie Pop to them. Super cute.

(B's card will actually be the insert for this day, but here is a bonus peek at N1 & N2's cards that we made - I'll probably stick them in some of the journaling pockets to make sure we save on for each of them.)

February 12: Tonight was our annual church Valentine's dinner - a fundraiser that the youth put on every year. N2 asked if she could attend the dinner with us this year and she enjoyed the time with just Daddy & Mama and hanging out with the grown-ups.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


  1. so glad to see you could put the valentine cards to good use!! your girls are just darling! thanks so much for sharing with us!
    jen :)

  2. Man, your little guy is alllll smiles. (Or, at least, he's incredibly convincing that way!) Love your photos!

  3. Oh my your babies smile is too cute!

  4. LOVE the valentine's! Very cute :)


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