Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Below are our pictures for last week's installment in our Project Life album! I've also been having fun trying to add in a little memorabilia through out the week as the pages for my first month in the One Little Word class that I'm taking. Can I just say how good it feel to be doing a little more scrapping? Hopefully I can remember to take a few pictures of the album page over all, but blogging time has been in short supply of late!

January 23: Truthfully, it was a full Sunday and this was a late night shot before I headed to bed. Several nights a week T & I have a bowl of popcorn while we hang out after the girls go to bed. I've gotten back in the habit of using our popcorn popper which makes the BEST popcorn!

January 24: B is very into all things Seuss right now which I love. So when our friends invited us to join them at Barnes and Noble for a meet-and-greet with the Cat in the Hat, we decided not to pass up that opportunity! It was a little chaotic there with a ton of moms and kids, but this little pic of B with a current favorite character was all worth it. (N2, who is still nursing a deep aversion to life-sized costumed figures, declined to pose in the picture).

January 25: E is more alert and strong every day. He loves to lay on the floor near a sister or two and check out what they are doing. We are going to be in BIG trouble once he is mobile.

January 26: Dinner. Mass production of grilled cheese sandwiches to go with our vegetable soup.

January 27: The cuteness of a post-bath picture. He is not a huge fan of the bath overall but I think once he is able to sit up and splash around in it that will change.

January 28: Friday was errand day with the three littlest while N1 was at her tutorial. Target, an oil change, and Sam's were on the morning agenda and we were able to check all three off before E decided he was ready to eat again. The girls and I dined on Sam's hot dogs and pizza for lunch - a favorite errand treat when we are out and about.

January 29: We had our first showing on our house today and when we had to get out of the house, we headed to McDonald's at the birthday girl's request. (N2 turned 5 on Sunday, so she was granted her lunch of choice on our Saturday outing). Just a few fun silly sister pictures - as you can see I couldn't pick just one so I made a little collage to print.


  1. So cute photos this week! Adorable children.

  2. I love your son's cute smile on January 28's picture. My son is about his size!

  3. Yep--the DLM has perfected his army crawl and is trying hard to pull up to his feet. Our days are numbered!

    Been thinking about you and all your house busy-ness.

  4. I love tomato soup and grilled cheese a def. favorite :) Dr. Suess page is beautiful! :)

  5. Adorable photos this week. I really love the baby shots and the sandwiches....mass producing that is great!!! Thanks so much for your kind, encouraging words about my niece. Have a wonderful week!

  6. I love your pictures this week. My favorite is them in the grocery cart, how fun they are when little. That's a fun birthday collage of silly girls. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Have a good week.

  7. Love the silly sister photos! Happy 5yo Birthday to N2 at your home from all of us!


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