Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Peek Inside Project Life

I thought I would post a little peek inside my Project Life album so you can get an idea of where all those pictures I post once a week end up. : ) I haven't included every page - I don't want to bore you to tears - but here are just a few shots to show you what has been included so far...

On this page, you see a little 5x7 page. This is the opening page for my One Little Word album. As of now, I've decided to put the pages for that project in my Project Life album. I saw this idea on another blog and it seems to fit as they are both year long projects. As you can see, my word for this year is SERVE.

This picture is just to show the size difference.

Here's just a typical page in my album. You can see a variety of things that I have done here. There are two regular 4x6 photos. The bottom left folder is one from my iPhone and I decided to just pop it on a little piece of digital scrap paper for that day instead of blowing it up and loosing some of the resolution. The same goes for the third picture in the middle row - also another picture that I wanted to include but was taken with my phone. I decided to keep it small and include in on a digital journaling card. (To make the digital journal insert, I just made a 3x4 inch document in Photoshop and added a piece of background paper and the photo. Trust me when I say it is not fancy.) This is one of sneaky ways of getting two pictures included for one day if I couldn't decide which one to use. : )

This is the January assignment from the One Little Word class. It was to expand on your word in a variety of ways. This page is like one you would buy for baseball cards and has nine little pockets in it. (The assignment for February is to fill in the backside of these pockets which I haven't done yet.)

I used a variety of things to make these cards. The one with script on them were downloads from the class and the others are miscellaneous things from my scrapping stash that I pulled out. The green card on the middle right was actually a note that came in the mail from Carrie and I decided it was too pretty to pitch so I used part of it in my album.

This is something I saw highlighted on Becky Higgins blog and loved the idea. For this year, for each of the kids' birthdays, I'm going to fill out this information questionaire with them and then add a picture of me with that child at the top of the page. (Photo credit for the picture below goes to Betsy). : ) I like it because it gets a picture of me in the album - something that I'm trying to be better about, but hard to do as I'm usually the family photographer.

On the back of our Mommy & Me layout, I slipped in a page that N2 had just happened to write on Saturday with everyone's names on it. A great example of her handwriting to save!

Anyway, a little peek inside! Have a great weekend and I'll be back on Tuesday (probably) with the next week's Project Life photos.

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  1. I love it! Seeing these projects always makes me wish I had started one this year!


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