Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Another week of Project 365 documented. Without further ado...

January 30: We celebrated our N2 all day today on her 5th birthday! It's hard to believe that she is five year old. In lieu of a party, we invited her best friend and her BFF's family over to join us on our traditional family Sunday lunch. It was a crazy full house, but we had a lot of fun celebrating her with her menu of choice - hot dogs!

January 31: I had to include another shot from her birthday in my album because this one cracks. me. up. everytime I look at it. Her face when she sees her cake and gets ready to blow it out is all action. No hesitancy from her! (And for those curious, the cake was a grandma-made chocolate cake with pink colored cream cheese frosting. I was going to make her cupcakes for her birthday, but she said, no thank you, she had already discussed her cake with grandma and grandma would be taking care of it!)

February 1: Of late, T has been slipping into the girls' room after I get them all in bed and read aloud to them. The current book: The Wise Woman by George McDonald.

February 2: A little water-coloring while I worked on dinner. I love catching shots of our little lefty hard at work like her big sisters.

February 3: N2 took it upon herself to change E diaper for me because I was busy right at that moment. Of course, the moment she started to work on her wiggly target, I immediately stopped what I was doing to photo-document the event. She persevered and got him diapered, but it was work!

February 4: Friday after school included trims for Mama and the oldest and youngest girl. N1 offered B a piggy back ride and I snapped this candid shot with my phone while they were walking. A great smile from N1 and the mischievious look on B is totally her. I was telling a friend recently that I realized that these two are very much the same personalily, just in a 3yo and 7yo body - both EXTREMELY busy girls, in mind and body.

February 5: A little horseplay before bed. This little one LOVES to wrestle a bit before bed.


  1. wow! You look like your mom! Both pretty ladies! :-)

  2. Love the shot of her taking a deep breath! So much fun!


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