Thursday, February 17, 2011

Read Aloud Thursday ::: Basil of Baker Street

Basil of Baker Street (Basil of Baker Street ): Basil of Baker StreetI don't have time for a long post today - 9 days away from moving and so. much. to. be. done! However, we did just fly through our latest chapter book and I wanted to share it on Read Aloud Thursday. Thanks to a recommendation from Carrie, I picked up a used copy of Basil of Baker Street and we loved it! This is the book behind the Disney movie, The Great Mouse Detective - the story of a mouse named Basil who lives below the great Sherlock Holmes and tries to emulate his mannerisms and his crime-solving skills. In this first book in the series, Basil and his assistant Dr. ?? (whose name I can't remember and I've already packed the book!) take on the case of the missing twins, Agatha and Angela, two little mice children that have been kidnapped! Of course, Basil solves the crime swiftly and with great brilliance as his mentor Sherlock Holmes would had done. This book is 15 very-short chapters and we flew through it in about five days. There are others in the series as well, and we may investigate those, or hopefully I've at least whetted N1's appetite enough to explore those for herself.

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  1. Sounds like a book my Lulu might like to tackle on her own. I'm trying to be choosy about my selections so that I don't leave her nothing she can read alone. I hope your packing goes well! Thanks for taking the time to link up to RAT!

  2. YAY hoo! =) Glad y'all liked it! I hope to eventually collect the whole series because I just loved it.

    Nine days to moving!? Whew. You're a very busy lady. Will be praying for a smooth transition (and adequate rest during any down time that you stumble across.)

  3. This sounds like a book my 11 year old would enjoy reading.

  4. We also read the book on Carrie's recommendation AND watched the movie. I think we all preferred the book to the movie but they were both really cute.


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