Friday, March 25, 2011

Foodie Friday


Twice this week I have needed to have a dessert prepared for something - definitely not the norm. I typically don't have lots of desserts around the house besides the ever-present ingredients for chocolate chip cookies because (a) I am a salty person and would rather dive into a bowl of popcorn or bowl of chex mix and (b) if there is dessert then I eat it. : )

That said, I remembered this recipe that I had been given and dug it out. Super easy and super quick.


You will want to make sure and lick the leftover drizzled coconut milk out of the bottom of the pan after eating the cake. Yummmmm. : )

I'm working on a project to organize my recipes and I think a little Friday blogging project called Foodie Friday may be born out of it to help me keep up with it. If you want to snag the recipe card above for personal use, feel free!


  1. thank you very much ... oohhh I'll be looking forward to Foodie Friday, that's for sure. Enjoy your weekned.

  2. That would make a great Easter cake. Colored coconut and a few jelly beans and there ya go!


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