Monday, March 14, 2011

A Tour

As requested ... a little photo tour of the new house! We are still getting used to it and you will see some pretty bare walls as we haven't decided where pictures are to go yet, but it's a start. (And, let me know if you have any questions or what a closer look at something ... I might do an up-close tour of the schoolroom if anyone is interested.) : )

When you come to our front door, you would see this - and there would most likely be a girl (or three) there to greet you:

Immediately to the left of the front door, as you head down the hallway is Travis' office. It's the only room in the house that has dark walls so it makes the room seem a little on the small side, but it is working for him and his gear.

He has three bookshelves in there with book, music equipment and all our computer network hardware. There are guitars hanging on the wall to the right (I guess I could have taken a picture of that). : )

Coming back out of his office and heading down the hall, you will pass a guest bathroom on the left and a hall closet on the right. Then you reach the kitchen:

Happy happy kitchen. : ) Love having all this counter space and when it's just me and the kids home during the day, I do all the girls' meals on the barstools at the counter. Love that. (Monika, note your poster hanging on the right in this picture!) At the bottom right of the picture you can see the corner of a small round table where you can eat as well. Here's another picture standing a little further back:

Now, turning around in this doorway, you see our dining room:

... which is pretty empty looking. : ) We actually eat most of our family meals in here because we can all fit around the table, and when my family has Sunday lunch together, this is where that happens. Through the doorway on the right, you come to the living room which is our catch-all room right now. : )

We don't have any furniture to go in here other than the piano and a few bookshelves, but we're going slowly on putting the house together. you can see all our pictures on the floor as we decide where they are going to go. Then we are back to the staircase and we've done a complete circle of the first floor.

There is one more room on the first floor on the other side of the kitchen and that's our family room. The TV is in here, and it's where we visit with company or family when they are over.

And that's the downstairs! When you go up to the top of the staircase, the first room to the right is the master bedroom.


We feel a little lost in there. : )

Master bath:


Now heading back out of the master and down the hall to the kids' rooms:

N1's room (and the eventual guest room when we have visitors). View from the doorway.


View from the bathroom door across the room:


Across the hall from N1 is Ethan's room:


Next door to him (which I didn't photograph) is the laundry room. I love that it's on the 2nd floor because when we are upstairs schooling and hanging out during the day, the laundry is right there and I'm not making a ton of trips up and down the stairs to switch it (or more likely forgetting about it!)

The little girls' room:


And lastly, across from the little girls' room is the school/play room. The view from the door:


The view from the other side of the room. I'm not sure what is up with the full length mirrors on the wall. It's a little odd catching a glimpse of yourself as you work and walk around the room, but it's definitely fun for playing. : )


Whew. : ) Hope I didn't overload anyone on pictures, but let me know if you have a question. : ) Off to switch that laundry I just mentioned and get some housework done while N1 is at her tutorial today!


  1. Stephanie! It's GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE all the wood floors and windows. The kitchen and bar/stools are AWESOME and I"d be serving lunches from there as well. =)

    I love red walls so I'm particularly fond of Travis' office. They look fantastic next to the wood.

    Everything is just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What a *sweet* blessing for your family! Thank you for the tour!

  2. Thanks for the tour! How lovely. Are you loving all the space!?! What a wonderful blessing for you all.

  3. I love the floors as well, and so very much room! Just the place for your wonderful family.

  4. Steph, that's awesome!!! You have so much space! I just love it! (Still gonna have to come see it in person, though...) ;D

  5. Oh, Stephanie, what a beautiful home!!!!! I love it-- all the space, and the gorgeous built in bookshelves in your family room! I see you have a new school table, too . Do you like it?

  6. O my goodness!! I love it! The hardwood floors are gorgeous and the layout is exactly what I'm looking for when we finally move to TX - right down to the laundry being on the second floor with the bedrooms! :)

  7. what a beautiful new house! i know you all have been saving and waiting patiently to expand ... it looks like you really found a wonderful new home!

  8. I LOVE that house!! and I second your opinion of the laundry room on the second floor, when we lived in the town house our washer/dryer was on the first floor and I hated it, and there were only 2 (and then 3) of us at the time.

  9. Just love it Steph!! Can't wait to see it in person. I'm sure the girls are just having a blast. I can picture the ballerina twirls in front of that mirror. Need to put a ballet barre in there maybe?

  10. @HopeistheWord: Thank you! We are really enjoying all this space when we don’t feel lost in here! As far as the table, I do like it – it’s so much easier to work on than our big kitchen table where I was just far enough across that it was too much of a reach. Next up at some point are some chairs for it. We’re making do with one little chair from the girls’ old art table, but that won’t last long as I generally have two girls that want to sit with me there. : ) But having a school room …. Wonderful!!!


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