A few recent favorites:


Pilot Liquid Ink Pens ... I used to be able to find these at Office Depot. Now, I can only find them on Jet Pens website. Love these for scrapbooking. They write like a ballpoint but are acid free.


I love all these banners that I see everywhere now. Apparently this is the latest in decorating and scrapbooking and I love how something so simple can be so versatile. I'm thinking that I need to make me a few notecards and notesheets with some banners across the top. These are from Crystal Wilkerson's latest kit releases here.


I think this Japanese tape is so fun! I have a couple rolls of it, and it's pretty addictive to use. The tape above is from this etsy shop.


I have mentioned before how much I love Crystal Wilkerson's digital designs. She has made a few some digital scrapbooking elements and kits to help a friend who's daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. For as little as a dollar (although you can definitely give more!) you can visit the blog of One Happy Mama and download some of Crystal's handiwork and help a family.


My Dad bought us a Keurig coffee maker as a "new house goodie" and I am a little smitten with it. The machine and I have a standing date around 3:30 in the afternoon when I'm in a serious slump in focus and energy and I don't see us splitting up anytime soon. : ) Totally not something that was a need, but we have thoroughly enjoy it. Thanks, Dad. : )


  1. Oh I like your list :) You're right banners are everywhere, but it's so nice to have something so pretty everywhere. I'll join you at 3.30 tomorrow for coffee then LOL

  2. Great list, loving the banners and the Washi tape.

  3. We loved our Keurig, too, but if it ever goes out, try the's faster and just a bit better. Our faves so far? Kona, Newman's Own Organic, Caribou and the Earl Grey Tea!

  4. you are invited to follow my blog

  5. great list & that coffee machine looks cool :)

  6. My dad had a Keurig (and my sister has it now!) and man, I wish it was mine. Lucky!

    I have a pen fetish, S. LOVE them. I'll have to take a pic of my favorite one and send it to you sometime. I just discovered it and am completely head over heels.

    Hope you're well. I've been commenting less and less these days but I love your new home. So pretty...and so glad you have sidewalks! That's one of the BEST things for kids/bikes/skates/scooters!

  7. Splurge gifts are always fun to receive! I'm not a coffee drinker but I have a date about that same time every day with a cup of tea. :)

  8. I'll have to check out those pens. My favorite pens are not working so well anymore so I think I need to get some new pens. Found you from BFS.


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