Project Life

Still doing Project Life.

Mostly caught up although last week I had to catch up quite a bit from the move. Fancy that. : )

Still loving this project.

Some overall shots this time around instead of the picture by picture format. This is the week before the move:


Pictures below include a shot from a girl scout event with N1, packing, a new to me snack, and the official signing of the paperwork on the new house.


Included are some new (empty) house pics like first picnic in the new house (one in which B set off the security alarm and about scared us all to death as we didn't know how to turn it off), playing with some of the big mirrors in our school room, and a picture of N2 & Daddy at the church's Valentine's banquet.


This is the first week in the new house:


Fourth slot in the middle row you can see a picture that B drew that I scanned and printed with a little description of what the picture is.



Happy Project Life Tuesday. : )


  1. Anonymous3:09 PM

    awesome progress! keep it up :)

  2. New house and caught up with Project Life?!? Congrats Lady!!!! :)

  3. Amazing! Moving and keeping up with PL. You're a rock star! Thanks for sharing.


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