Cleaning a few pictures off my phone before we make a Saturday morning Walmart run.

Today is the first official day of our spring break and I am thrilled that we have no set plans looming ahead of us for the next week except for a much needed haircut for me. : ) I'm hoping to do some cleaning on the little girls' clothes and weed out a ton of stuff (the stuff that should have been cleaning out for some time, but I decided to just pack and move rather than sort pre-move). Excited to get that project done!

Anyway, today's agenda includes the aforementioned Walmart, some housecleaning that needs to be done, going by and taking a drink to T who is over working at our old house (prepping it for painting next week). He has been working a ton getting our old place fixed up since we moved out. Pulling up the carpet to get it replaced, patching a few things, and just generally working a lot of extra hours on top of work. I so appreciate him for all his hard work!

Saturday breakfast - pumpkin muffins by request. Also, I don't think I am yet tired of loading or unloading the dishwasher. I know it will wear off eventually, but after not having one since before the girls were born this is a luxury! : )


Also on today's agenda - a little planning and dreaming about next year's schooling. One of my favorite things. : )


  1. What a fun and relaxing week! I need to sort through all of my kids' clothes. I keep putting it off because it's still cold here and I hate to pull out the next size of winter clothes and then pull out spring clothes 6 weeks later.

    I'm thinking about next year, too. I see Apologia is on your list. We did Swimming Creatures last year and Flying Creatures this year. LOVE IT!!! We also used the Notebooking Journals. I like them but think my guys are a little young to really get a lot out of them. We'll be doing Land Animals in the fall. Can't wait! I'm seeing a lot of field trips to the zoo to see the animals we're studying. :)

  2. The dishwasher joy may not wear off for a while... I didn't have a dishwasher for something like 7 or 8 years, and after 2 years with one I still think it is fabulously exciting!! Now if I could just get a bathtub... :-D

  3. Ahhh...a dishwasher sounds fabulous....although our 12 year old is becoming quite a good dishwasher..glad to know others don't have dishwashers. I, too, love to plan for the upcoming school year. Have a lovely spring break.


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