Monday, March 21, 2011

What Weekends are For

Lots of this going on around here this weekend. N1 figured out how to ride her bike as a two-wheeler last weekend. Just hopped on the neighbor's and took off so off went the training wheels! At our old house the only place that the girls had to ride their bikes were in the backyard so I'm guessing the introduction of sidewalks, driveway and cul-de-sac has helped with stability so she could make the switch.


First time hanging out in the yard with the girls. I was amazed at how fast he could spin around on his tummy and creep himself over to get at the grass. Ai-yi-yi. Not really ready for him to be quite that mobile yet.


The first grass on our toes. He loved it and kept trying to reach it.



Riding the neighbor's Barbie Jeep out in the backyard / common area. These two were in some state of bliss wheeling around out there.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh, I remember the satisfaction of learning how to ride a two-wheeler! =D Congratulations to N1!

    I also remember being given the loan of a friend's jeep when I was little and getting to ride it around our backyard and thinking it was TOO COOL! So much fun! =) Looks like a good weekend!

  2. Love the toes in the grass! So glad you're having great weather like we are!

  3. You are absolutely right - weekends were made for that kind of fun and relaxation! Isn't it funny how we can't wait for the first child to be mobile but each one after that we increasingly encourage to STAY PUT! :)


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