I realized this week, that I’ve never really gone and taken a few pictures of our creek behind the house. The kids have lived back there the last few weeks when the weather has been nice. Today’s adventures included catching a crawdad which I sadly (or not) didn’t get a photo of before it was returned to the wild.

Our creek.

When we were house hunting a little over a year ago, we really wanted to be somewhere the kids had access to a great place to explore and play. Our backyard area is actually very small, but we have access to a huge area of common land behind us and this creek runs across it.

More creek.

So far the girls have done really well with the freedom we’ve give them with the creek. The little girls don’t go down there alone period, but they are allowed to go down there with N1 or our 11-year-old neighbor. N1 has a bit more freedom, but she still has to go down with a buddy just in case someone slips and falls and needs help. It’s shallow unless we have a big rain, and in that instance it’s off limits because it can get very full, very fast!

Crawdad hunting.

Wild flowers by the creek.


After I observed and explored with them for a bit, I camped out on the patio while the boy napped. I didn’t really even make a dent in the pile, but just that little bit of lounging has been very good for me as we are wrapping up our spring break week.

Mama's spot.


  1. That's awesome that you have such a great place for your kids to explore and learn about nature. Every kid needs that!

  2. Lovely! Love seeing that stack of books and your beverage-of-choice! The creek is beautiful! We're surrounded on all sides by houses, but I try to take the kiddos out to less inhabited areas regularly.

  3. Love the creek!! We lived in 2 different houses near creeks when I was a kid. LOVED building dams, catching crawdads (take a long stick, tie a string to the end, tie a piece of bacon on the other end, crawdad will clamp onto it with his claw). I want property with a creek or at least lots of woods to explore and pretend in!!


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