Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week in the Life 2012 // Tuesday

Day 2. A few thoughts:

  • I didn’t do near as much journaling on my notesheets yesterday. It’s hard to do that and school and be on top of kids and etc.
  • I’m also not used to grabbing my big camera. Compared to my phone, that thing is hefty.
  • I also realized yesterday that I really needed to take off my phone case and clean it from fingerprints. Some of yesterday’s phone photos weren’t great just because the case was smudged.
  • I remembered that I love taking pictures of my kids outside.

A smattering of the photos I took…

What my school table looks like in the morning.


Big blue morning eyes snuggling with Daddy.


Running to wake up N2.


Waking her up. (Photos above and below by N1 – notice Daddy’s hand on the side of the bunk bed spotting the boy). : )


Someone was in my bed.


Playing on the stairs.




School distraction. He climbed on her back and is eating an apple there. Nice.


New read-aloud started today.


Trying to plan.


Opted for a shower instead.


My roses are crazy right now.


Lots of tree climbing this afternoon. I absolutely adore her eyes.


The boy got some time pushing his car.


Looking up in the tree.


Small group at our friends’ home.


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  1. Really great photos! Your little guy is super cute! And those flowers are just beautiful!


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