Project Life Week 14 ::: April 1-7 (Spring Break)

Week 14 a.k.a Spring Break. Lots o’ pictures.
On the left:
  • several projects on the to-do list this week, one of which was to fix our hallway timeline that kept falling down. Washi tape to the rescue.
  • Egg coloring – a Tuesday high.
  • A flat tire – a Tuesday low, but with much to be thankful for in spite of the flat. : )
Up close of our photo collage.
One of my journaling spots on the left – a little circle punch of the boy in our bike carrier. He LOVED it.
One insert this week. I used a PL Design B page insert and cut it down. Lots of pics of our little creek.
One of my few goals for this week was to get us out on a little nature walk. We finally managed it Friday afternoon (nothing like waiting until the last minutes of spring break!) but that worked to our advantage as I forgot that T had a half-day due to Easter weekend. The picture at the top is my new favorite.
DSC_4201 DSC_4202
On the right:
  • an afternoon trip to the zoo.
  • another creek shot.
  • another picture from our Friday afternoon walk. Love this shadow photo of N1 and I swinging the boy.
  • and someone turned 18 months on Friday. Where has the time gone!
Photoshop collages saved me this week so I didn’t have a zillion inserts!
DSC_4204 DSC_4205
I have a 4x6 card with details on the boy at 18 months behind the photo. You can see a little tab so you can pull it out and read it (but I forgot to photograph it. It’s nothing fancy!)
I was a little scared to tackle this week with all the pictures I took, but I really like how it all shaped up and came together.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. This is great, Stephanie! I STILL haven't bought any Washi tape, but I really would like some. True story: I had some in the buggy at Target and dh checked out while I went to the ladies' room. He didn't know I had put it in the buggy so he told the cashier we didn't want it. !!! Love all your collages--they save me, too. Love the pic of your little man in the bike trailer . We used to have one of those, but guess when we sold it. Yep--not too long before we knew the DLM was on the way.

    Beautiful week!


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