Project Life Week 15 // April 8-14

Hello Week 15. Easter, time with friends, a field trip and first piano lessons.
PLwk 15
On the left:
  • After church egg hunt with the neighbors. With assistance from his cousin, the boy got the hang of finding the eggs.
  • dinner with friends on Monday night. I was helping test my BFF’s oldest on their Classical Conversations memory work and we just stayed and got pizza. Super fun (and needed) catch-up time.
  • We had Bible study at our house on Tuesday (we rotate whose house we meet at) and this week it was just informal – kids were running around outside almost the whole time and the adults chatted. N2 found a willing audience for a read-aloud moment.
PLwk 15a
My title card for this week … apparently taken by Susie Shaky-hand. The list is my contribution to our Easter lunch: my Mom’s strawberry pie and these crockpot potatoes. (The potatoes were a new recipe for me and I counted them a success since my Mom and my sister asked for the recipe. YUM.) The sweet details is a tag from the February kit from Elle’s Studio. B also signed her name on the card and I wanted to include that.
PLwk 15b
Martha Stewart label on the picture of the boy. B’s Easter picture is on the pink polkadot paper (which is from Emilie’s Easter kit). B looks really old to me of late. I’m not into her turning 5 in a few weeks.
PLwk 15c
The boy’s Easter pic. Hello adorable. (I did have pics of N1 and N2 … I’ll probably slip them in other spots).
PLwk 15d
On the right:
  • a field trip to a local historical home, Traveler’s Rest. The timing worked out perfectly as this is a Civil War era home and we are reading about that time period.
  • N2 and baby C. She just loves snuggling that baby. (As do we all…) : )
  • a first piano lesson for N2 with her Daddy.
  • soccer girl. (This may be my favorite shot of the layout).
PLwk 15e
PLwk 15f
PLwk 15g
PLwk 15h
PLwk 15i
Happy Monday. Trying to get us in the school groove + Week in the Life + weekend recovery. A full one with a baby shower for a friend and celebrating Grandpa’s (my Dad’s) birthday yesterday with the family. I’m off!


  1. nice pages. Im starting project life but im gonna do mine digtially though.:)

  2. Well, I think you need to enlarge the picture of little man peeking out from behind the column! Soooo cute! Love that you included B's signature. Love all the polka dots, too. Thanks for all the links!

    Is it pathetic that I get as excited about seeing your pages as I do about sharing mine? :-)


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