Insta-Saturday and What Happened to Week in the Life

So, my week in the life fizzled this week. I was on it Monday, Tuesday was a little harder, and by Wednesday, I didn’t pick up my big camera once (I don’t think). I realized why I was finally able to scrap a week in the life project last summer. It was SUMMER. I wasn’t schooling, no kids in weekly activities, etc. Still, I want to figure out a plan for the two days that I really documented because there is some neat stuff there.

With that said, here are a couple pictures to wrap up the rest of the week that I captured in all our craziness on my phone. : )

Someone’s soccer pictures. I can’t stand the cuteness.

She is pretty stinkin' cute.

I have GOT to do something about this desk. Got. to.

Today small goal: straighten this mess.

In process: Thursday dinner.

In process.

We had a new friend over for a bit on Friday night and the little girls were smitten. Between this new one, and my BFF’s new little girl, I can’t tell you – literally – how many times the girls have wistfully commented that they still wish the boy was this size. I do to, a little bit, but he does sleep a bit more now. There is that to consider.

 A new friend came to visit. #PicFrame

Happy Saturday. Ours is filled with soccer, groceries, and a family movie night as our Friday night was taken up with some music stuff for T. I need some catch-up time around the house (see my desk photo above as some of the evidence) so I’m off to make it a productive one. : )


  1. I'm not going to take a picture of my desk.

    I'll have you know that after countless posts from you and a reference from Amy, I stuck a Project Life album in my Amazon shopping cart.

    It almost feels like doomsday in some ways.


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