Project Life Week 16 // April 15 - 21

Week 15 is in the book. Mostly normal life this week – schooling, books, the boy. : ) Forgive the giant yellow star below. : ) I had a baby shower invitation I wanted to include and it had some info to cover.
On the left:
  • the top right photo is from my Sunday School class that I teach with a friend. We just finished a 12 week(ish) book on how we got the Bible and being the teacher that I am, we spend the last week reviewing everything we could remember.
  • my new book crush series.
  • afternoon reading. I’m reading aloud to the girls while one snuggles in next to me and looks at pictures.
Up close:
On the right:
  • orthodontist visit for N1. Next time we go, we start the process of putting in spacers.
  • the boy. He loves driving his cars and trucks on things – chairs, books, couches, tables. He finds him a little surface and goes to town.
  • he’s also working on spoon skills. : )
  • I hosted a baby shower here on Saturday – very fun!
The journaling spot holds a fold-over card with some boy stats inside. Words he’s saying, skills, etc. The numbered spot next to it is a certain almost-5-year-old’s very optimistic birthday list. : )
A simple week, surprisingly, considering how long it took me to wrap it up. : )
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  1. Love everything about it! I especially love
    1. Book talk & pics. I need to check out that Gregor series!
    2. The birthday wish list. I need to get one if my girls to make one of those!
    3. Little boy stats, etc. I really, really need to do more if that!

    Love the "ears" picture, too.



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