Mid-May Daybook

Outside my window...it’s looking to be a beautiful sunny day today. Our weekend was quite wet so while I will miss the 70 degree weather of last week, the return of sun is quite welcome!

I am thinking...about finishing well. We are all ready for our June break for school-ish business and the end is in sight!

I am thankful...to have my family all at home. T and N1 spent eight days in Guatemala on a mission trip and we were so glad to see them on Saturday night! It had been a long time since T had travelled (the last I can remember was when B was about 1 1/2, and she turned five last week so … a while.) And N1 has never been apart for me for that long before. The fact that she was with her Dad truly helped my anxiety on that issue. : )


N1 is working on a letter to send to their supporters and I’ll share it and more photos when it is finished.

In the kitchen...Last week … not a lot went on in there. : ) I had an easy time of it - the little girls and I made a giant batch of rice, black beans and salsa and ate off that with a giant bag of tortilla chips for several days. This week, it’s back to regular meals! I’m trying to cook from my pantry, fridge and freezer this week and hit the grocery store this weekend. Tonight is salsa chicken in the crockpot – literally, salsa + chicken and we’ll eat it with tortilla chips or tortillas or salad or something. But the chicken is cooking! I’m sure my tortillas will be sad disappointment after the homemade ones they enjoyed last week on their trip… : )

I am wearing...comfy clothes. Yoga-ish pants and t-shirt. It’s a go-nowhere day so I dressed for the occasion.

I am creating...lists and lists and lists. Lists of summer plans and ideas, lists of books I need and want to buy next year, households lists and so on. I do have a week of Project Life to post and last week to put together. And now we have a Guatemala photo album to assemble, too! That may be a summer project for N1 and myself.

N1's journal from her Guatelmala trip.

I bought her a mini-smash journal for her trip and she wrote me letters at the end of every day (and T added his thoughts one day). What a treasure for all of us.

I am going...very few places this week. Woohoo! We had an easy school day yesterday – giving N1 an easy day since she was still wiped from her trip. We did a little morning work, then went to her last chess club and the library. And eye doctor appointment for me finished the day and that is it for our scheduled activities for this entire week. Now, Saturday is a different matter, but I am going to enjoy my at-home days on Tuesday through Friday. : )

I am wondering...pondering a plan for my morning quiet times for the summer. The Bible study we were attending (Community Bible Study) ended a little over a week ago and am contemplating a plan for the next few months. There is no lack of ideas … I just need to pick something and start. What are you working on right now?

I am reading...bits and pieces of several things. Revisiting Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home by Elizabeth Foss, one of my favorite homeschooling resources. Underlining new spots and being inspired. I read the second, third, and fourth books of the Gregor the Overlander series last week while T was traveling and am refraining from downloading or checking out book five for a little bit longer. I would put the boy and little girls to bed last week and then crawl into bed myself and read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. It was delightful. I had forgotten how much I enjoy doing that because I enjoy hanging out with T in the evenings an awful lot as well. : )

I am hoping...to hear from our neighbor-girl / babysitter because…

I am looking forward to...a date night on Saturday night if we can get our neighbor / babysitter to firmly commit. Super ready for a night out with T (and hopefully going to see The Avengers! I am a total sucker for superhero movies.)

I am learning…that I need to do a better job before my children, modeling skills that I want them to learn. Therefore…

Around the house...new housekeeping routine is being put into place. The past six months I have felt swallowed by home responsibilities and (like a LOT of homeschooling mamas) we manage to either get school done or the house work done, but not both. Last week, with one less child and husband, I had a little more think time, and thanks to some inspiration from another homeschooling mama, I think I may have worked out a plan to get us on track. We shall see. Will be testing this for the next few weeks and see how it works. Days 1 and 2 have been successful so far!

I am pondering...and putting together a fun project for our family for this summer. Based off a little idea that Dawn posted on her site (something she’s doing with one of her boys) and this book, we are going to be Eating the Alphabet this summer and trying all sorts of new fruits and vegetables (and trying old favorites prepared in new ways.) I’m very excited about this – we presented the idea to T last night at dinner and he’s in with us. This week we are starting with the letter “A”, of course, and we have plans to partake of apples (with a fun activity), apricots (new to the girls), and artichokes (new to ALL of us). A field trip to the grocery store will happen (probably tomorrow) to pick up our fruits and veggies and then we’ll get to work!

A favorite quote for today...

Attachment parenting is about keeping my eyes steadfastly fixed on my own work--the most important work I'll ever be called to do.  Social media is most definitely about keeping my eyes on everyone else's work. It's fairly benign for me in very small doses, lethal in anything bigger.

From this post by Elizabeth Foss. Pondering.

One of my favorite things...new dishcloths and hand towels for my kitchen. It was beyond time. A dozen new white kitchen towels and dishcloths so I can bleach them out clean when I wash them.

A few plans for the rest of the week…I’ve touched on a few plans above but in a nutshell:

  • lots of time at home
  • a grocery store field trip for our Eating the Alphabet adventure
  • a date night on Saturday!

A peek into my day...

N1 moved a desk in for the boy. Don't figure he's going to stay there long.

Creative boy containment. He didn’t last long like this.

Happy Tuesday!

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