Insta-Friday on 5.11.2012

It’s been an off-week here at our house – some family members have been traveling (more on that soon) and one little guy felt quite lousy for 2-3 days, so there has been lots of time for resting and reading and just being this week. I’ve done some thinking and list-making re: summer intentions. We are so close to wrapping up our 2011-2012 school year that I can’t stand it.

Monday night walk before dinner.

Evening walk before dinner. #picfx

The little girls and I cleaned the patio and had a picnic lunch one day … the first of the season and the first for the boy.

It's a picnic lunch kind of day. 

Zoo. I love these bright blue McCaws. I take their picture every. single. time. we go to the zoo.

The zoo is my fave.

They really were happy to be at the zoo. : )


We made time to go to the short animal wildlife show (which we never remember to do) and it was on animals native to Tennessee. (Did you know that Tennessee has the most wildlife of all the contiguous 48 states? I did not. Alaska and Hawaii are the only states that top it. New fact for me!)


Big sister on duty.

Giraffes are just so cool. (This one here is expecting a baby in about six weeks!) I timed it so that we could sit and eat our lunch/snack at the giraffe enclosure and just watch them.

Giraffes are so cool.

In contrast, flamingos are just kinda freaky looking. Beautiful and exotic, but also freaky.

Hello flamingo.

Happy Friday. We have a little schoolwork and a little housework on the agenda today and our people come back home tomorrow. We are ready!


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