Project Life Week 17 // April 22 - 28

This was the week that was supposed to be a week-in-the-life/project life week. It didn’t happen. : ) Here’s what I ended up with for the week.
On the left:
  • Sunday night included a little mama/N1 (with boy tag-a-long) outing to Barnes & Nobles for a frappachino and some train table time.
  • T and his trumpet. Yes, trumpet.
  • N1 and the boy and shot that I thought was super cute.
In my journaling spots I included a screen capture from Facebook of some fun family news (names blurred since it’s my PL album and not theirs). : ) The “favorite” tag on top card on the far right is from Elle’s Studio.
I stuck the notes I attempted to take for week-in-the-life in 8 1/2 x 11 page protectors and called it good! Monday’s was pretty detailed, Tuesday was about half-done.
On the right:
  • on Wednesday, the day revolved around getting some important papers in the mail.
  • bath time. Photo blocked to protect the innocent.
  • snuggling a new friend.
  • a sign of true love … T cleaned out my van on Saturday before taking us to run a few errands.
The tag on the van shot is also from Elle’s Studio. : )
And, that’s it. My weeks seem like they have been pretty simple of late – probably because I’ve been pressed for time as we are wrapping up our extra activities and our school year. I already know that week 17 will contain at least two inserts full of photos!
Happy Tuesday! We have a full day at home today (woohoo!) and I’m hoping to get quite a bit checked off my lists. We shall see what happens. : )
Linking up with Jessica at The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.


  1. Ah, yes! True love=clean van! :-). Love the FB screenshot & all the photos. Especially love the little man by the train table. I should take my own little man over to the bookstore sometime!

    I've got my latest LO photographed, just haven't had time to send it along.

    Have a great day, Stephanie!

  2. Great layout. Love the one of your daughter playing with your son. Those Elle's Studio tags are sweet!

  3. I love the photo of cleaning out the van...I so need to get a picture of that, especially since my kids have trashed it again and they are old enough to help clean it up and WILL be this weekend, lol.


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