Project Life Week 18 // May 6-12

The one with all the inserts. : )
On the left:
  • a pic of all 4, all looking at the camera – a rarity! It was taken later in the week, after the boy’s haircut, but I decided it went better in the “title” spot.
  • a photo taken by a friend of the boy’s little Sunday school class. That’s a lot of little kids. : )
  • my date card + a pic of B swinging.
  • thoughts during my Tuesday quiet time while the girls were having rest time.
Up close. The “everyday” card is from here. (Be warned – her shop is ADORABLE.) “Photograph Notes” from a recent Elle’s Studio purchase. The “4” sticker is from Amy Tan (came in an Elle’s Studio kit), and the “you’re my favorite” stamp is from here.
“Words to live by” from Miss Tiina.
Insert #1. We wrapped up Bible study for this year and on the last day I made sure and got a picture of each munchkin with their teachers. This is one of the alternative Project Life inserts that came with the big variety pack I purchased a while back. Four 6x6 slots.
On the back, I tucked in a few mementos – a card from one of the girl’s teachers (I have a few more that have since come in the mail that I need to add), the little girls’ name tags and a few pictures from their spring performance for the moms.
Insert #2. Three 4x6 photos of B on her birthday.
Tucked under the middle picture are a few birthday thoughts on the girl. : )
On the back, I slipped in three photos that T texted me throughout the day. T & N1 were off on their adventure / mission trip to Guatemala and left EARLY in the morning. This was N1’s first time on an airplane since she was about 2 years old so it was a pretty big start to her trip!
On the right…
  • the top row is devoted to the shaving of the boy. A few gummy snacks and Daddy with the razor and it went MUCH better than the salon experience! And, yes, I love the short boy hair.
  • On the bottom … packing!
  • Birthday B. Out for our traditional birthday donuts. Typically, I would sneak out and bring the donuts home, but since T and N1 were already gone, we all went out to breakfast.
Journaling cards on the left and middle are Paislee Press, I believe. The right is a folded card from the Project Life kit with some details on B’s birthday date and sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa. We opted to save most of her birthday celebrating until after the rest of our family returned from their trip and she handled it like a champ. Grandma took her to Build-a-Bear at the mall (a first-time experience for any of our girls so that was a pretty big deal to do something before her big sisters!) and she picked out and built a bear that was so very her.
“Noted” and “I love this” in the last photo, both from Elle’s Studio.
PLwk17m PLwk17n
Whew. A full, FULL week! Now it’s time to turn around and tackle the next one! : )
Happy Friday … we’re going to try and get a day of school in (not our norm for Friday since we would normally have Bible study), but we’re pressing on so we can wrap almost everything up next week.


  1. I love it! I especially love the way you include your own bit of journaling about what you're reading. I think I need to read that Foss book ASAP. I need more discipline in my life, for sure!

    Thanks for sharing all the links to goodies. :-)

  2. I'll have you know that I now HAVE my Project Life journal. I've had it for over a week. I got it out of the box. It is sitting on the entry way "table." And I will do it. Bug me or something, will ya?


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