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October 2009


She was just about 2 1/2. Spunky, busy, twinkly. All the things that we absolutely love about her. But not long after this something shifted. She was very much a two-going-on-three year old, and while this age had is share of challenges for me with her big sisters, it was nothing like it was going to be with her.

There was stubbornness. Defiance. Running the other way.

But she would snuggle. And we would keep working.

There was biting. And hitting. And more biting. Trying to keep up with her big sisters and sometimes using force was the only way that made sense to her.

But she would sing. A lot. And we would keep working.

She quit napping. Her energy was never-ending. Constantly on my guard because I had no idea what she was up to if I didn’t see her. (And woe to the mama, that couldn’t see her or hear her!)

But she had the best twinkly, crinkly eyes. And we would keep working.

May 2012


But then there was a beautiful change. Somewhere around March of this year we noticed some new things about this girl.

She listened.

We heard “yes, Mama!” and “yes, Daddy!” with speed and quickness to obey.

She took ownership of a couple jobs around the house and does them faithfully and well.

She started playing soccer this spring and does it with such joy that we delight in postponing dinner on Tuesday night so that she can practice with her little team, and in getting up early on Saturday to get her to games. When she runs, she smiles.

Some changes in your children come on suddenly and without warning. A turn of their head or a phrase out of their mouth that lets you know they are getting older and wiser.

Some changes are made with lots of hard work, perseverance, and love. This was one of those. And, I think we are the better for it.

This post is linked to an special bloggy book party celebrating the release of Katherine Willis Pershey’s new book, Any Day a Beautiful Change: A Story of Faith and Family . It is a memoir about being a wife, a mother, a minister in the church and I found it beautifully written. Katherine’s sister, Elizabeth, invited me to be part of this special celebration of literary birth and I am honored.  


  1. This is beautiful, Stephanie! I'm so glad things have evened out for you! I hopped over and read up on this book a bit over the weekend, and it does sound good.

  2. I LOVED this post. It is hugely inspiring to me. I love how you didn't document all of her disobedience even though it was there. You just kept working. And now you can encourage others. (As you have me, right now! Thank you!) Really awesome post.

    I love that you kept working. Guess I will too! =)

  3. I love this, Steph. What a beautiful tribute to the perseverance, the sweetness, and the love all tangled up together.

  4. We are in the throes of a tough era with our Juliette - it's very encouraging to hear that there could be changes around the bend. Soon, I hope!

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post, and for joining in the festivities.


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