Read Aloud Thursday // The Cricket in Times Square


We finished The Cricket in Times Square today at lunch and I gave a great sigh of enjoyment at the end of this one. Such a fun trip down memory lane, reading this one to the girls.

This is the delightful story of Chester Cricket, who inadvertently finds himself transported to New York City (Grand Central Station, no less!) smushed underneath some sandwiches in a picnic basket. He is found by Mario, a young boy who’s parents own a newspaper stand in the station. Mario’s mama is sure that the cricket is going to bring the bad luck, and while a few unfortunate incidents do happen, all ends well for the cricket and the family. Chester is befriended by a street-wise mouse named Tucker and a gentle cat named Harry (maybe my favorite character besides Chester, of course). : )

This is the first read-aloud we finished in my attempt to bring back chapter book reading to our lunchtimes. The boy is now old enough that he can manage his lunch on his own (provided he doesn’t start one of his favorite tricks of throwing food which I’m trying to nip in the bud!) This leaves my hands free to read to the girls while they eat and we’ve all enjoyed adding this back into our noon routine. The chapters in this are short enough that I could generally read two in one sitting before lunches were finished and littlest girls were ready to be excused and run around the house a few laps to get some wiggles out.

Two thumbs up from our crew on this one! For more read-aloud inspiration, visit Amy at Hope is the Word!


  1. This is one that the girls have listened to numerous times but I've never read! They really like it a lot. Did you know there's another book by Selden about Tucker? I can't remember the name right now. I don't know anything about it, but it must be related, I figure.

    Busy week here! Good, but busy. :-) Talk to you soon!

  2. I've been wavering on this one for a while as to whether we would do it as a read aloud or if I would just ask my daughter to read it independently at some point, but your post makes me want to read it! Maybe we will read this one aloud sometime soon! :-)

  3. I'm looking forward to reading this one with my kids. I think it will be a hit here as well.


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