Spring Breaking

Monday’s project #1: redo the timeline on the wall. Paper strips and tape weren’t cutting it. Washi tape from Target + labels = much better.

Spring break project #1: straighten and clean up out school timeline.

Monday’s project #2: clean out my purse. Not originally on the agenda, but added when one child spilled 1/2 a can of a drink in there. Apparently I have a phobia of being caught out of the house without a pen.

Apparently I have a phobia about being caught out of the house without a pen. 

Tuesday’s project: coloring eggs.

Spring break project #2: coloring eggs.

And making egg salad.

Phase 2 of project 2: egg salad.

Hope you are enjoying your week, whether you are spring breaking or not!


  1. LOL! I seem to have the same phobia. My bag is often filled with pens. I'm forever grabbing one and throwing it in my bag "just in case." :)

  2. Ha! I often have a half dozen pens in my purse, but I can NEVER find one when I need it! The egg salad looks good. My girls are champing at the bit to color eggs, but I'm waiting til later in the week.

    Enjoy your break!


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