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I am, by no means, an expert of boy books. We are two years into our journey with our little guy and are slowly growing a little library of books that he loves. We have a set bedtime routine of reading a few favorite books, however, he has recently been requesting more books throughout our days and we have all been happy to oblige. This read-aloud Thursday is dedicated to some of those books that we have ready to him enough times that I can count them as big hits!

Books the boy loves.

One of our girls (N2 to be exact) picked up these books for the boy on our last trip to the library. Written by Jane Yolen (author of our beloved Owl Moon ), these “How Do Dinosaurs...” books are a big hit with our boy. We brought home one on coloring, cleaning your room, taking care of your cat, and counting and have been through multiple reads of each one. “Dine-Toors” in general are a bit hit with the boy now – the other day we found a “dine-toor” shirt in our drawer (apparently handed down to us by a friend, and boy, were we excited!

Another favorite series with our little guy has been the Bear books written by Karma Wilson. It all started with Bear Snores On which is a MUST READ at bedtime at least once, if not twice through at night. (I now have this book completely memorized if anyone would like a demonstration. : ) ) We next added Bear Stays Up for Christmas to his library and that gets read almost every night (although it may disappear shortly for the season). The gentle rhymes in these stores are very sweet and I adore the artwork in these books. Expressive and cute animals will win me over every time. We have picked up a couple other Bear titles from the library and I have a feeling more will make it into our permanent boy library as well.

  Digger Man was another library book, one that I found on the new books shelves and grabbed on a whim. We are very into trucks now - “triar tucks” (fire trucks) and “tash tucks” (trash tucks) being two current favorites. : ) As I was previously a mom of three girls, I am very fuzzy on the names / identities of different types of construction equipment, so I’m working on educating myself. To that end, Digger Man came home with us. There is nothing that is ground breaking in this book. Just the words of a little boy telling his younger brother about how when he grows up, he’s going to be a digger man, have his own digger, and he has some Big Plans for what he is going to do with his digger. A very sweet story that has been requested for rereads multiple times, ergo, it makes our list.

Last, but not least is one of those children’s classics that I love. I’m sure there are very few that are not familiar with this book, but Good Night, Gorilla is the sweet wordless book of the zookeeper putting the animals to bed at night and the mischief that ensues. We get so giggly when we read this book! On a good night, the boy can almost tell me this story on his own in his precious two-year old way but most of the time we are pretty sleepy and content to let Mama describe this one.

I’m linking up with Amy’s Read-Aloud Thursday, my first for 2013 (and the first chance I’ve had to participate in several weeks!) Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be back with some of our thoughts on our current chapter book (Jane of Lantern Hill).

Happy Thursday! We are finishing our last full day of school for the week today and tomorrow it’s back to Bible study and we roll on into a full weekend. I’m hoping to be able to do a Project Life post some time this weekend – it’s on the list at any rate! : )


  1. I tried to comment this morning, but obviously, it didn't work. :-). I love this post! I'm right there with you in unknown territory! The DLM loves heavy equipment books, too--most anything with a "scoop" in it, or 'most any other vehicle, is a favorite. In fact, I have a nice little stack of his picks I need to share for RAT soon!

  2. I have the opposite, two boys then a girl. There are definitely some books that the boys gravitate towards but I’m also a big believer that a good book is a good book. My boys have recently loved listening to All of a Kind Family and they always drift over when I’m reading Fancy Nancy to their sister. :)

    1. I agree! He'll sit through his fair share of Little House on the Prairie (and others) as he gets older, I'm sure. : )

  3. Digger Man looks great- my daughter is into all of that right now so I am going to try to find it for her! Thanks for all the great recommendations.


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