Today's copywork.

Today needed a mid-afternoon reboot. Mama wasn’t focused and things were going downhill fast. One child took a spill down a few stairs. Another got in trouble for not helping pick up. And in all that there is a boy that thinks he doesn’t need a nap anymore.

It’s time to be still.

Stop striving in my own strength because it is not a peaceful house when that happens.

The plan:

A little Curious George.

Massive clean of my desk (while said video is on) and purging ANYTHING that is remotely distracting me from getting our school work done timely thinking I will get to it at some point.

There will probably be a cup of decaf coffee in my future. And the writing down of everything I can think.

And some time to sit and be still and love on these little people that are getting big much too fast.

Copywork by B. She did such a good job on this verse. : )


  1. I hear you on the reboot. We had one of those days this week, too, though sadly, I didn't handle it as wisely as you.

    I hope things look better tomorrow!


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