I thought these questions were fun:

1. Is your hair its natural color right now and do you wear your hair
long or short?
My hair is its natural color - dark brown and I wear it medium long (it's below my shoulders).
2. Shirts: long sleeves or short?
Prefer long, but it's starting to get hot here in Tennessee and so short sleeves are necessary; however, I never wear "cap sleeves," they have to be regular, short sleeves.
3. Do you wear a belt?
No, eww. Soooo uncomfortable.
4. Tell me about your favorite bottom wear (pants/jeans/shorts/skirts).
Currently a three way tie between these comfy jogging pants my sister can't wear right now (she's pregnant), my blue jeans that Travis bought me for my birthday, and my overalls that I have had forever.
5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Maybe 10 - and most are not ones that I wear regularly (i.e., hiking boots, fancy dress shoes, etc.) I rotate between about 3 pairs.


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