It's time for a few new pictures:

The one on the left is Noelle's picture from Monday - 7 months old. Sigh. Our baby is getting so big. The one on the right is my brother-in-law holding her - "Uncle Boo." How cute is that. We had two major baby things today - first, she took a bottle of formula without me having to put a little juice in it to sweeten it. (Yeah!) The 2nd - we had first blood . . . she was at the coffee table practicing her standing and laughing at me playing peek-a-boo with her and she went down and caught her lip on the corner of the table. Thankfully it didn't bleed badly at all, but what a scare to look down and see blood on my shirt where she had buried her head while she was screaming. Mildly traumatic for this first time Mom.

In other news . . . every where I look it seems the buzz is about the Friends finale tomorrow night. I used to watch Friends every week, up until about the 7th season. Then, that year, I got engaged, and was really convicted about watching a show where everyone was sleeping around with everyone else, and what images and thoughts that it was putting in my head.

Now, we don't even get any channels, not even PBS, and there are times that I REALLY miss television. But, for the most part, I am thankful that I don't have that temptation in the house. It would be so easy for me to turn on the TV during the day and get caught up in the talk shows, daytime drama, and sitcom reruns, when I should be playing with Noelle, doing my Bible study, laundry and picking up the house! I have such an addictive nature about that kind of stuff - if I'm following a show I do it religiously . . . sadly, I am all to often more "religiously addicted" to shows and other things than my relationship with Jesus. Why is it that I can so desperately want to know what is coming up on the last episode of Friends ... "Will Ross & Rachel end up together?," than I am in what happens in chapter 20 of Judges .... "Will Israel turn back to the Lord or do they continue to do evil in His sight?" I think my priorities are a little out of whack.

My Wednesday thoughts...


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