Thank goodness American Idol is finally over. For someone that doesn't watch tv at home, I seem to have wasted a lot of time being caught up in it. And, yes, now I admit the time is wasted. Hmm, I wonder if that is because my personal favorite did not win.

Yesterday I heard that my women's Bible study (we are currently off for the summer), is going to have 4 get-together's over the next three months to study the 4 chapters of the book of Ruth. I'm very excited. Ruth is one of my favorite Old Testament books, one of the few that I have read several times. In the recent study of Judges that we just completed, one thing I learned is that the events of the book of Ruth took place at the same time as the events of the book of Judges. If you've read Judges, you know parts of it are icky. People are into all sorts of sin and continually turning their back on the Lord. However, God, in His graciousness, takes the time to have someone write out for us this short, sweet, little love story found in the book of Ruth. And, knowing God, he probably has something more for me to get out of this study that just the girl gets the boy and lives happily ever after.

Gotta go . . . we're going to the zoo today!


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