Yesterday Noelle went swimming for the first time. She seemed to do fine with it, although we didn't test out what she might think of going under water completely. You will notice that our family is about as white as can be, so we slathered her with SPF 50 and only stayed out about 20 minutes so that none of us ended up baked.

Another happening of the weekend . . . one of my dearest and bestest friends had her last Sunday at church as she and her family are moving to Jackson, Mississippi. I'm excited for her in that her husband is working his dream job, and they have been living apart for about 9 months waiting on a house to sell. They finally get to be back together as a family again. She was a big part of my life - we emailed almost every day about big stuff and little stuff, were on staff together with our church, and I sang on the music team at church with her husband for 4-5 years. It's been a while since I've had a close friend move away (thankfully!), and I've been reminded about how precious Godly friendship are and blessed I am to have had this one. Lord, help me not take those friendships you have blessed me with for granted.


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