Random thoughts . . .

*Girl puppy brought in a dead mouse yesterday. Sooooo disgusting. My sister was over and we (meaning me) pulled the dogs out of the kitchen and barricaded the dead mouse in there and we stood outside the doggie gates/baby gates and called our husbands to see who was going to be arriving first to take care of it for us.

*One of my new favorite sites is lbtran's. Consistently makes me laugh . . . and thankful that I am no longer doing juries in college.

*Noelle has now learned how to throw things out of the pack-n-play. I put her in there this morning as I lay on the couch for a few minutes. (She woke up at 5:39 a.m. - very unusual). I fed her and put her in to play. Fussing soon ensued and I looked up to see her favorite stuffed animal on the floor and Noelle, faced pressed against the mesh sides, longingly looking at Baa, the lamb. It was cute.

*Baa is a member of the family. Goes everywhere with us, she has to have it to go down for naps and bedtime, etc. When she is sleepy she chews on its ears and tail and sucks her thumb at the same time. Adorable. I'm thinking of writing a children's book some day based on this - "Baa Needs a Bath." I think it could work.

*Lastly, I've been keeping my 6 year old neice Jordan this week. Actual transcript of conversation with photo documentation . . ."Noelle, stop that. No, no, NO. Quit. Auntie Nef - she's taking everything! Come back with my paper!!! I think you should just hold her."


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