Day 3

I miss Travis. I'm ready for him to come home! :-)

I had to take Sam-dog to the vet this morning for his little "fixing." Jenny-dog was spazzing out to be left at home in the kennel. With Noelle on my hip and my 45+ lb. boy dog on a leash, I staggered into the vet to drop him off. The fun part will be going back to get him this evening when he is completely drugged up.

I don't want it to sound like I miss Travis just because he would have taken Sam to the vet this morning for me, but it was just another little thing that he would have taken care of around here that I don't notice. He is the one that normally gets up with the dogs and lets them out in the morning. He would have done the vet run on his way to work, and would have picked up Sam-dog on his way home. I had to remember to take the garbage to the curb on Monday and on Tuesday evening I finally remember to put the big trash can away. :-) Just little things that I appreciate him taking care of that I don't even notice.

Another thing that I have noticed about him being gone, is that I forget to eat when he's not here. Please don't hear me say that I don't eat at all, but I forget to make dinner for me until after Noelle's gone to bed around 8 p.m.! Normally, I would be putting our dinner together about the time that I am feeding her her dinner - with him not coming home, I forget about putting something together for me until after Noelle's eaten, cleaned up and ready to be out of her high chair so she can play before bedtime. By the time I get her to bed, I don't feel like making real food for me - I've eaten a lot of pimento cheese sandwiches this week. :-)


  1. (((hugs))) Isn't it great all the little things they do?? He'll be home soon, yes?


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