Little Things...

Much miscellany today . . .

#1) Birthday Wishes
Go to Eric's page and wish him Happy Birthday, please! It's a day late, but do it anyway. (And today's his wedding anniversary, too!) I've known Eric since he first visited our church when he was a sophomore in college many moons ago and we've been on the music team together for a looooong time. He and his wife are some of my favorite people. :-)

#2) Blog etiquette?
When one gets a comment on a post, does one reply to the comment in the comments? Or does one go to the commenter's blog and leave a comment there? Lexie told me that her policy is to go to the commenter's blog and leave her comment in italics, but I don't know how to do that on any non-Xanga that I visit. Should I just reply to any question in the body of the next post? That seems the easiest to me, but what if I'm in the mood to write about something extremely deep and thought-provoking like my thoughts on gun-control, and someone asks me a question like "have you ever tried ketchup flavored potato chips?" Those two themes would not go together well, in my opinion.

Such decisions!

Speaking of questions, Stacey asked when Travis will be back - he flies in Friday night at 6:30 p.m. (yeah!), and then flies back out Monday morning at dark-thirty for another week in Houston. But we have the weekend to hang out.

And, thanks MissBev for your sweet thing about Travis. He's pretty cool. :-)

And, bgrayduck, now that you are married to a Southerner, do you like pimento cheese sandwiches? :-) They were my favorite food as a little girl - I asked for them for my birthday lunch every year on my birthday, much to the dismay of my sister who hated them.

#3) Lunch Plans

Am having lunch with my best friend tomorrow and her kidlets. Very excited about that.

#4) Evening Out

My Dad is coming over tonight to babysit for me while my Mom and I go to our last women's summer Bible study evening - we're studying chapter 4 of Ruth. I haven't prepared at ALL, but have been with Noelle 24/7 so far this week and need out of the house, so I will hopefully absorb something tonight! I have prepared my Dad that he will have to definitely change at least 1 diaper and give Noelle her bedtime bottle, and he is up for the challenge. :-)

#5) Noelle

Speaking of my sweet girl, she went to bed at 7:15 last night (!) and then woke up at 10:45 p.m. and wanted to talk to me for 45 minutes. I put her in bed with me and she just lay there and chattered off and on until I put her back in her bed at 11:30. She went right to sleep! Must have been something important...

#6) Lastly....

Happy Thursday!

PS. I have had ketchup flavored potato chips before. My sister and I used to eat them when we lived in Calgary (Alberta), and I found them two weeks ago at Walmart. They are yummy!


  1. OH!! I saw those chips at Walmart the other week. I have to admit, my first thought was... ew! ROFL :-) My comments get emailed to me, so I respond like that sometimes. But honestly I do it all. Although, I must admit I haven't responded IN the comments since I moved to my new site. Hmmmm. ;-)

  2. I usually respond in the comments section where the question was asked. I always go look where I asked a question. Ketchup-flavored first I was like Stacey and thought eeeewww! But then I thought, hey, that's sorta like fries with ketchup. Now I'm willing to try 'em! ((hugs))

  3. I always respond to the comment in that comment window. I would only change it if for some reason it sparked a big rant, which I would then also post at my blog, to let everyone else in on the subject.


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