Pretty as a Picture

We took this picture Sunday before church. Travis scored big on this dress that he brought back from Houston for Noelle, and we found the hat at Old N*vy on Saturday when we went to buy her some socks. I couldn't believe how well she stood still for the photo. Now that she walks, it's almost impossible to keep her still! :-)

We have somewhat recovered from our early morning. I got about a 2 hour nap before my family started calling to make sure that we got Travis on the plane okay. Noelle slept for over 3 hours! This week without Daddy doesn't look to be as packed as last week which I am thankful for.

On the "to do" list for this week:
~take care of tags for our Honda
~finally go take care of getting Noelle's social security card straightened out!
~air conditioning folks come tomorrow for routine check-up for Fall
~plan and get food for wedding shower I am helping with on Wednesday night
~this, that and the other!
~some serious housecleaning spread out over the week (the worship team from church is having it's quarterly meeting here Sunday after church)

Major praise to report . . . Travis has to go to Phoenix for 2 weeks in September for another training like he is doing now in Houston. His work has approved me flying out with him for the trip (they'll even buy my ticket since they would have paid to fly him home for the weekend!) Other than food for me and Noelle and accomodations over the weekend when he would have been home - we have a free trip to Arizona. Our weekend plans will include driving up to the Grand Canyon which I am soooooo excited about! And friends of ours from church are going to housesit for us and watch the puppies saving us bundles in kennel costs. God has truly put together this little get-away for us that we would definitely not have been able to afford otherwise!


  1. First off your daughter is absolutely BEE U TEE FUL. Just precious. And ::score:: on the Arizona trip. What fun that will be. Take lots and lots of pictures. :)

    Your to do sounds like mine I have lots of cleaning type stuff to do too, my inlaws are coming into town this weekend. :)

  2. SO darling! See, THAT"S why I wanted a little girl. To play dress-up. *giggle* Have fun at the Grand Canyon. When Captain and I tried to go 13 year ago we didn't have enough to get into the actual touristy spot, but was able to view other canyon spots that were absolutely breathtaking!

  3. What a cute picture! It looks like a professional portrait :-)

    Have fun in AZ!

  4. Anonymous1:31 PM

    What a beautiful picture!!!!!!


  5. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Cute pic and cute dress. My husband and I went tothe Grand Canyon a few years ago and it was awsome. This last Christmas my husband and his brother and sister paid for their mother to stay in a motel there and take a helicopter ride over the canyon. She was thrilled! I'm too scared to fly over it but it was beautiful to look at! You'll really have fun!~ Tammy from Dishpan Dribble

  6. Is she the cutest baby girl ever or what!! What a doll...can't wait until my Karli can dress up like that.


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