Singing Outloud...

with Noelle to the tune of "Merrily We Roll Along..."

Daddy's coming home today, home today, home today!
Daddy's coming home today, we pick him up tonight!!!

I live in Nashville. I should really go into music writing/publishing or something. :-)

One other thing, I was reading Stacey's post this morning whilst I was waiting for something to print and was pricked. There are some habits I have let master me and I need to (with the Lord's help) make some changes. Some I try and blame on my summer slump - it's so easy to get out of the habit of doing things when your schedule isn't so full. Does that make sense? And there are just somethings that I have let go since I quit working outside the home and started staying home fulltime.

Some of my plans...

~get back into a routine with housecleaning. I like the idea of Flylady, but I don't like all the emails. I get so many emails everyday from working at home, spam (ick), and others that 18 emails from her put me over the edge. :-) However, last fall when Noelle was so tiny, I had a routine with housecleaning that worked great - certain things done every day, and certain rooms had heavier cleaning on certain days. Time to whip this house back in shape with some serious fall cleaning.

Note: this weekend, I am going to get Travis to hopefully help me move our keyboard and drum set and sweep out under them!!

~get up consistently at the same time every morning. I usually lay in bed and wait for Noelle to wake me up in the morning. But, I have realized, that it is so much easier on her and me if I'm up, have her morning bottle ready, and am clothed, cleaned and in my right mind. :-) And by right mind, I mean . . .

~time reading the Word in the morning. Most. Important. One of my resolutions for 2004 was to read through the 4 Gospels this year. I haven't done it yet. And especially now, as we are studying the Life of Christ at church, I want to tackle them. And as our fall women's study is getting ready to start back up, I want to also read 1 Samuel as a whole several times before we start going through it slower in our study. I'm working my way through the book Your Girl by Vicki Courtney and it's all about raising a daughter in today's world. My girl is still tiny, but I want some of her first memories of me to be me sitting with my Bible and soaking in God's truth at the beginning of my day.

~and lastly, the perpetual eat better, exercise more. Last night, with Travis out of town even, I consciously made a meal that included vegetables! Woo-hoo! Less treats around the house, and more good stuff. More H2O, too!

I'm putting these in writing - which I would do in my journal - as my accountability. Anyone who reads this now knows I need to get it together around here. :-)


  1. Have you checked out Motivated MOms? They have a system to print out. Let me look up the link...hold on... there ya go. Check it out. I blended this with what I learned from Flylady to come up with a system for me. You'll get it. We'll do it together! :-D

  2. You go girl!! Just don't try to bite off too much all at once. Prioritize! ((hug))

  3. I could have created that list myself! I TRY to get into a routine, but something always happens to mess it up :-)


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