Thursday, March 09, 2006


One woman who is high on my list of people I admire is my dear friend Patti Williams. Patti is a wife and mother with a special calling . . . her sever-year-old daughter Emily is autistic and suffers from epilepsy. I remember when Patti found out that she was having a little girl - she was so excited! She and David had been parents to Zack and were excited to have both a boy AND a girl. When Emily was almost a year old she had her major large seizure and her life has been a medical roller coaster ride since then. Ive watched Patti as she has been on this ride with her girl. It has been hard watching your child go through pain and illness that you cant do anything to stop or take away. But Patti continues to go on and she continues to trust in a Sovereign God day after day. I dont know that I could do that. Shes remained committed to God in spite of doubts, depression and struggles; to her marriage to David; and to raising an amazing boy in Zack (who himself as Asperger's). Oh, to have her faith and honesty through struggles such as this and the tenacity to hang on to the Lord for the wild, wild ride.

This was my project for my scrapbooking class this week. Excuse the crooked picture on the page ... that's just a temporary one from my printer until I can get a real photo printed. :-)

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