Friday, March 03, 2006

What's going on here...

The last few days have gone really rough. A good week over all, and nothing I should be complaining about, but it would be nice if yesterday and today could be "do-overs" if you know what I mean. N2 had her one month (!) check-up at the Dr. yesterday morning, and it was like pulling teeth to get us all out the door and there on time. I had written the appointment down for 9:45 a.m. ... thank goodness the dr.'s office called me late Wednesday evening to confirm or I would have been way late. It was at 9:15! And N1 at the dr.'s is NOT FUN right now. She is being so very TWO lately. I spend most of my time at the dr. going and pulling her back into the waiting area instead of wandering the halls as she would prefer to do. (Strangely the frown on this). Anyway, N2 had a GREAT check-up. She's up to 11 lbs. 14 oz. and 22 inches long. No surprise that she's topping the chart in her weight, but a little on the short side. :-) She's already maxed out a few of her 0-3 month outfits (the ones that ran a little tiny). I also had my 5 week post-delivery check up yesterday. Everything checked out okay for me, too, although my incision has a little healing still to do. *avert your eyes here if squeamish* It's still oozing some in one spot (ick) and there is a knot over one of the stitches that we just have to wait for it to go away. The dr. is not concerned so I'm not really either, but it's just kinda gross. Bottomline - with two kids, doing two dr. appointments in one day was a little too ambitious for me. Especially on a Thursday which is our day without Travis. By 9:30 last night I could barely keep my eyes open.

Today was another big day - my first monthly grocery run with the two girls. I had N1 buckled in the cart and N2 strapped in the snugli and we worked out way through Aldi's at a snail's pace. The grocery trip went pretty good, it was when we got out to the car that I almost had a meltdown. If you don't know, you have to bag your own groceries at Aldi's (one of the ways that they cut costs). Not a problem normally. I let N1 walk around in the van while I bag stuff in the back and then load her in her seat when I'm done. However, today, she decided that she wanted to see how many CD's she could stuff into the cars CD player before caught. I managed to get one out, but the rest have been left for Travis who will probably have to do some fancy toolwork to get to them. As I'm pulling her from the CD player she informs me that she's got a stinky diaper and so I get ready to change it before our drive home to unload. It was bad and it was everywhere. Suffice it to say, she rode home in just a new clean diaper and when we got to the house, her outfit went directly to the washing machine. Did I mention that she's been acting so very TWO lately?

I'm going to stop griping at this point. I have so much to be thankful for. I have two healthy girls, a husband who works his rear off and then some to provide for us, a soveriegn God that is in charge, a house that I love, and shelves full of groceries. I'm just really in a mood to whine.

But one more thing. I'm getting ready to hunker down and work on N1 and some behavior issues. Not bad ones in my opinion, but ones that come with her pushing her limits and mine and she sure does know how to push my buttons. When I was pregnant (and especially near the end), I let her watch so many little videos because I felt so bad and was not up to getting down on the floor with her and playing a lot ... this next week, I am resolving to work on cutting back her TV time significantly. This will be hard on her, and hard on me - it's a lot easier to get what I want to get done with her engrossed in a video. And I need to get back into a simpler routine for our days ... it's one of the reasons I know I've been so frustrated lately. For reasons outside my control we've had to be out running errands a bunch this week and we need more days here at home in a normal routine. I need to work, even though they will be baby steps, towards getting up before both girls and have some quiet time by myself with God. I've let that slide to just working on my Bible study in the evenings in those last few minutes before bed. I just finished a book by Elizabeth George on prayer and that is something I need to work on muchly. I can feel and see the lack of it and it's not pretty.

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