Monday, March 20, 2006

Shh, Don't Tell

Administrative Note: I'm switching my site so that you have to register to comment ... unless you are a total freak or something :-), I can't imagine bumping anyone's comments. Just wanting to know who's coming by and seeing my girls. :-)

It's almost 1 p.m. and I'm still in my PJs. :-) I'll clarify that by saying, it's not because I've been laying around ... I've been cleaning and doing laundry and just haven't stopped yet to get dressed. (It doesn't help that most of our clothes are in the dirty clothes basket at the moment ... hence the laundry!) We are having a steady spring rain today and I'm loving it. Staying in, checking things off my cleaning list, and attempting to organize for the week. I'm feeling pretty fired up today, but I think it's because we had a really relaxing weekend around here. We had our usual Friday family night of hanging around and watching a video. On Saturday, Travis took the dogs to the vet for their yearly appointment and the dog run. Clean bills of health for both dogs, although they do need to shed a few pounds. They are both weighing around 90 lbs! (We thought they looked like they had been bulking up ... hmmm.) Then it was such a pretty day - cool and sunny - that we loaded the girls up and went to the zoo. N1 wore herself out running around and N2 did great in the stroller on her first BIG outing. And Sunday we were actually home for most of the day. Our typical Sunday is to go over to my parents for lunch with them and my sister's family. And not that we don't enjoy it, but yesterday Travis and I laid on the couches and rested ourselves, both girls got good naps and it was good. I need weekends like this every once in a while.

This afternoon, I'm going to make a batch of cookies for N1 ... I haven't made her any since before N2 was born and it's about time. :-) We're having a breakfast dinner tonight, too, and I want to make some biscuits ahead of time. Then, when I'm making sausage patties, I'll have an excuse to make some sausage gravy. :-) I've been reading a new magazine called Making it Home and it has been inspiring me to keep my home (meaning family and household duties) as a priority instead of just fitting them in as I am prone to do. That's not being faithful to the calling that God has given me here at home and I'm seeing some work that needs to be done around here. I've been slacking with my little 2 year old and some attitude issues - blame it on late night feedings or trying to keep caught up on just stuff - but it still boils down to Mama-slacking, and we're only going to pay for it later if it doesn't get checked now.

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