Sunday, March 05, 2006


Apparently I sounded (and looked) bad enough on Thursday and Friday that my husband decided he needed to take some action. :-) I was so surprised! You have to understand, this is only 2nd time in our 4 (or 5?) years together that he has bought me flowers. (The first was our first Valentine's day together when we were dating). I have them sitting on my desk now. :-)

We had a busy Saturday yesterday .... ran a few errands. Most of the time I stayed in the car with the girls and Travis ran in to pick something up. (He had to do some shopping at the guitar store and was in there long enough that we all took about an hour nap). Now we're spending Sunday home with a sick N1. She apparently picked up something from one of her little friends from church. My sister was in the nursery with her this morning and needed me to come get her - she was sick and felt really warm. Her temp was 102 at church so I went ahead and left and brought her home, and left N2 with my Mom (I had thankfully just nursed her). My folks brought N2 & Travis home as soon as church was over, but it had given me time to get home with Noelle and put her down for a nap. You can tell she doesn't feel good, but her fever is coming down a bit.

And since I haven't posted a photo in a while, this is the dress N2 wore to church this morning. Below is N1 in the same dress. You think they are related? :-) A little resemblance there I think!

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