Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Things you miss out on...

by not spending the day with Noelle.

My friend Gina came by to loan us her big double stroller for the girls (yeah!) as I was just getting ready to change a dirty diaper on Noelle. Well, I visited too long for Noelle's limited patience and she decided to change the diaper herself.

In the family room.

She met me at the back door with p0op on her tummy, back, down her legs and on her feet. I guess she had trouble getting her diaper off by herself, bless her heart. Then I found the diaper on the floor in the family room. THANK GOODNESS she did not sit on any furniture.

However, she did sit on the floor in our bedroom evidenced by the p0opy bum-print on the hardwood floor. That and the fact she tried to clean herself up with socks from our dirty clothes pile. Luckily she picked one of Travis brown ones to use. My white one was not so lucky. But, she got a mid-day bath so it all worked out really well for her.

Just want you to know what my day is like over here. :-)

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