Monday, February 26, 2007


I originally wanted to start this post with a complaint about how I needed to have a do-over for this Monday morning. Did not start out as peachy-keen as I would have hoped. However, N2 is napping, N1 is enjoying Sesame Street, and I have a hot cup of coffee so I think things are looking up. I'm planning on taking a few minutes here to get organized, do a little menu planning for the week, pull out my Bible and read for a bit, and just refocus. The weekend was crazy-good with Daddy getting back home on Friday night (although the plane was a little late), and then all day yesterday with our youth group at church preparing and presenting our church's Valentine's Dinner/fundraiser Saturday night. To say we are pooped is a serious understatement! :)

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  1. my parents said Valentino's was great. We'll have to come next year. :-) oh, and my dad enjoyed the Florida boys' trip.. i mean the boys' Florida trip. Parents came over for a bit yesterday afternoon.


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